Wednesday, 20 January 2010

“The Science of Body Odour!”

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 with 4 comments

Listened to an interesting conversation between our Melanie and a body odour expert on 666 yesterday. I wonder, does Melanie want to research her topics when she runs with us? Next she could do a segment on a threatened species of geese in the Parliamentary Triangle. Listen to Melanie Tait on 666 between 9-12 this week and next. I have not been paid for this promotion.

I use a product which is supposed to be (a) natural, (b) a deodorant, and (c) not an anti-perspirant. Why would a runner want to block perspiration? Would my best friend tell me if it wasn't working? The product has no odour. It's called DeoNat, reviewed here. Note - this "product endorsement" is purely voluntary! I have to say that, because blogger doesn't like sponsored endorsements. And rightly so. I have not been paid for this promotion.

Some more results:
January Jogalong times: Thea 31:08
BBQ times from 13.1.10: Gary 30:17; Roger 31:05
I had no less than three other things on today and won't run. Speaking of clashes, I won't be able to run the planned Bush Capitol Marathon on the 31st July, I will be in Sydney that day. So I will have to review my plans and see what else to aim for this year. At the moment, it's the Weston Creek Half Marathon, then I don't know. Front runner is probably the Doomben Half Marathon in June.

Jennifer and Ewen both enjoying themselves, The shoulders of a couple of other well known people are in the picture. A rare occasion when a group of runners were not perspiring nor breathing heavily. Not as much as usual, anyway. I have not been paid to suppress this photo. Nor the ones I have in reserve for the future....


  1. Some of that body odour research is quite interesting. Not sure I'd like to be called a "Body odour expert". There must be better things to have expertise in ;-).

  2. I listened with interest to Melanie this morning. Nearing 11:30she was having a discussion on running and she played an appropriate song before hand. It was " Born to Run " as sung by Bruce Springstein, not Bruce Willis as she said. She must have been to a Speedygeoff training session and thinking of " Die Hard " I know he's a tough coach.

  3. Bruce Willis! This must have been the funniest moment since she said she thought Canberra was midway between Sydney & Melbourne and decided to drive to Melbourne for the day. Actually, Melanie has done brilliantly coming to grips with ACT politics and the personalities in town, given that she's just arrived. I look forward to getting to know her better and introducing her to the trails - YOUR favourite trails 2F - around Canberra.

  4. I heard that! Almost as funny as her mispronunciation of Gungahlin bypass ;) Na, she's doing well.