Friday, 22 January 2010

track good, road bad?

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, January 22, 2010 with 3 comments
On track Thursday I managed something like 5:41 for the 1500m - splits 87, 92, 92, 70. Obviously not a world shattering time. I was impressed by Vanessa's outright win later on in the one hour run. She completed the first 1500m of the hour in 5:37: quicker than my 1500m! It was still over 30 degrees when the hour run started, and it felt just as hot at the end. A big highlight of the night was the return of Emma from Vancouver, jet-lagged and only three days in Australia but back permanently. She raced the 400m and the 100m. How she's changed, she used to be a long distance mountain runner! Another good W40 for relays, she'll be talking the others into 4x100s before too long!


Returning to Australia: less of a culture shock, more of a weather shock.

Returning to Charlie's 45th birthday yesterday, other classy runners turning 45 this year include Katrina (I wonder how she's doing? Amanda might know), Kerrie B, and our Katie, who was the next runner in front of me in the 1500m last night.

Change of venue: This coming Monday 25 January there will be Australia Day chaos at Parliament House, so for one week only we will be meeting at Weston Park (near the toilet block, or if the car park there is full, near the railway entrance.) Spread the word!

Running on the road can have its drawbacks

But if you want to race on the road, the occasional long road training run is a must. That's why I run the lake from the zoo Sundays (6:30am), and plan to join Brett & Nadine Tuesday next week from Black Mountain Peninsula (6:30am).


  1. It looks like I will no longer be alone in W45. Nice to be joined some fab runners, even if that relegates me to the back of the W45 pack :-)

  2. Now that's a good photo!

    Not the most pleasant afternoon to be racing a 1500 - if your injuries do the right thing you'll be challenging Katie before long.

  3. I would like to think I could give Katie a run for her money in the 3000m and the 1500m as well as in the monthly handicaps. She can have the 800m though!