Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I can feel a change a-comin'

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 with 5 comments
Going somewhere slowly is better than going nowhere fast.

Training on Monday: Running a slow 6k earlier were Ruth, Ewen & me, then joining us for hill intervals were Andrew, Bronia, Garry, Kat, Kylie, Matt, Neil, Noelene, Tim, Victoria & Yelena. It was too hot for a long intense session, 38 degrees, so we selected a shaded hill to run on, and did two set of 9 sprints with a drink/cold water break at the half way mark. Most runners myself included had extra breaks trying to rehydrate. There were no casualties. But any hotter and I will cancel training and find a swimming pool and some cold beverage.

Placegetters 2010 Cadbury Hobart Marathon

1st Scott McTaggart - 2:23.38 (Course Record)
2nd David Criniti - 2:29.57
3rd Anthony Farrugia - 2:31.36
1st Sharon Ryder - 3:01.24
2nd Georgie Moore - 3:14.08
3rd Meghan Johnston - 3:15.00

Cadbury Hobart Half Marathon

1st Mark Tucker - 1:05.34 (Course Record)
2nd David Thomas - 1:09.08
3rd Bruce Graham - 1:13.04
1st Sandra Prosenica - 1:20.42
2nd Claire Ashworth - 1:21.22
3rd Hanny Allston - 1:25.10
Full results will be out soon.

Still making their way back from Hobart were Bronwyn & Jodie. Here they are at the Cadbury Chocolate factory. Now I remember why I should visit Hobart again!

Caramello Koala would be our mascot if it were not already the goose. Is it too late to change?

FOOTNOTES: Reminders for ACTVAC members.
1. Track & Field Thursday. This is the second of two combined meets with Athletics ACT. The gate official will be located in the Commonwealth Room where you will need to check in. Don't forget to bring supper.

2. Vets Membership. 2010 membership fees are due now. The committee has agreed to a one month's grace which means that cut off is 31 January. You can (re)join via the Vets website.

3. Monthly Handicap. The next Vets Handicap starts at 8:30am on 31 January. The venue is Campbell Park.


  1. If it's 38 next Monday, I vote for the Regatta Point hill so we can fall in the lake after it's over!

  2. I'm in. Our warm-up can be the drive over there.

  3. I'll bring my swimmers or maybe just fall in, shorts and all! That's a beaut photo of Jodie and Bron!

  4. Jodie & Bron look fantastic! See what a fast half marathon with a chocolate recovery can do!

    We will fall. In shorts. AND all. I have had my fill of hot Hot HOT without respite.

  5. SpeedyKoala just doesn't have the same ring to it ;-). Plus Koalas aren't the fastest moving marsupials out there.