Friday, 29 January 2010

a goose wins the turkey

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, January 29, 2010 with 3 comments

There was a 2000m walk guess your time ("turkey handicap") at Vets track last night, which was won by Margaret McSpadden, despite the presence of cunning walkers such as Rod Gilchrist and Robyn White. Well done Margaret!

Here are my estimates of the 3000m times. It was a handicap event, so these times and the official times will only be approximate. In starting order:
Margaret 17.29
Tony 13.19
Ruth 15.14
Kathy 13.15
Helen 13.19
Victoria 13.41
Katie 11.44
Nadine 12.29
Amanda 13.22
Ken 12.09
Roger 11.56
Rod 11.19
Rachelle 12.02 ONE LAP SHORT
Brett 13.00
Troy 10.53
Poor Rachelle, she learnt that if you lose count of your laps, nobody is going to help you out until after you finish. Then suddenly everyone seems to know!

Thanks to Nev Madden, I now have a link to the Broulee Runners blog on my website. I think running along the beach at Broulee might be easier than struggling along in Canberra's heat. Hello to all the runners at Broulee. The link is 149 individual participants in 3 years. wow!


This motivational poster remains one of my favourites


  1. You don't happen to know if there are any Kiama runners groups do you? Agree with you re the heat!

  2. I hope Rachelle doesn't run a lap short in the 800 tomorrow afternoon ;)

  3. Kiama-
    Kembla Joggers aren't far away

    The Owl lives in Kiama and runs with a group there