Thursday, 21 January 2010

Charlie is 45 today!

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, January 21, 2010 with 4 comments
Happy Birthday Charlie, welcome to the W45s!

Another curious photo; I'm cleaning my camera lens. With my t-shirt. I'm not sure what Charlie is doing!

Good to see that the brilliant Australian movie Samson & Delilah has made the Academy Awards foreign film short list. There's also an article in today's Canberra Times on Liam Egan, AFI award winner for "best sound" for this movie. Liam's father is a good friend of mine, Bill Egan, with whom I worked and ran with for many years, and who still runs in the monthly handicaps with ACTVAC. We used to see him running on Saturday mornings when we trained at Aranda.

Now I had better go and hydrate ready for a track run tonight perhaps. Will I bite the bullet & race 1500m tonight? Is it OK to call it a race if it's 90-120 seconds slower than my pb? Will my achilles finally break at the higher "speed", will it suddenly improve, or will I just hobble along with it slightly sore as usual?

But first, here's Charlie again!


  1. Poor Charlie - that second photo is scary! Happy Birthday Charlie - new age group - yay!

  2. I took the second photo, at Regatta Point. Good timing, eh?

  3. Charlie's looking for five bucks. Unfortunately she couldn't find it.

    Happy bidet and new age-group Charlie!

  4. Charlie takes the award for BIGGEST smile!