Sunday, 22 November 2009

does it snow in deep space?

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, November 22, 2009 with 5 comments
Some years, but not this year. The deep space marathon held this morning would have been rather warm and muggy I imagine despite the 5:45am start.

Rain has started falling here this afternoon. Light rain, not yet the 53mm Melbourne received last night. We can only hope.

The games we play
I came across a fun little series of games. Have a go at
These are not too hard. And if you have little patience you can always cheat by clicking on "walkthrough"!

Time for a photo

Katie, Ken, Amanda at the 30th anniversary dinner. Before they "glittered" each other.


  1. What a lovely photo! No, it hasn't rained here yet - still threatening to tho!

  2. It couldn't have snowed today - global warming in 12 months.

    I like Ken and Amanda's matching shirts.

    P.S. Go Hayley!

  3. PPS: Go Stan - he's the man!

  4. Real-time comments folks!
    Go Stan!
    Funny how it's not like a race. Nobody leads, just a result announced sometime. Soon.

  5. Stan is the man, but Hayley's still a star!

    Goodnight folks :)