Tuesday, 10 November 2009

amazing grace

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 with 12 comments
Stan's my man
He's sung three brilliant versions of three brilliant songs.
First, Hallelujah
Then, The Climb
Now, this:

Parliament House Training: Twenty starters this week.
Yesterday at the 4:30pm run were, Ewen, Ruth, Craig & I, then we were joined at 5:30pm by Andrew, Bronwyn, Christopher, Emily, Garry, Gary, Jennifer, Jodie, Joel, Kat, Maria, Rachelle, Tony, Warrick, Yelena & Yili. After our usual warm-up we ran a familiarisation lap then five laps of ~690m each lap, on a figure 8 course which included two hills and a PUSH-up station. We all did five PUSH-ups as part of running each lap. The loop was mostly shaded which was good, and the training seemed easier than last week as it did not feel quite as hot. Although it was still around 29 degrees.

Today it's a Happy Birthday Rachelle, 37 years young today.

Photo by Janene


  1. I just noticed (yes a bit slowwww) that your pages with maps re venue location etc are not visible in this new format. Are they works in progress or have they slipped through the cracks?

  2. allrounder: oh, yeah.
    Janene: try under "Links" on the side-bar and tell me if there's still a problem.

  3. ;-)

    yep, the maps are still there too

  4. Ah yes, I obviously need to pay more attention. Or better still just shut up .....

  5. No problem. I would like to make the layout as simple and user friendly as possible. I am delighted to get feedback. Thanks! I tried to put nine links along the top at one stage when I was developing this layout, but only one, two or three would work. Some width limit somewhere which eluded me. As a nice alternative, sometime I might re-invent the tab. I am unlikely to want to spend the time it would take, though, for a while.

  6. p.s. see my post of 5/11 for my thoughts at the time.

  7. Thank goodness for the PUSH-ups. I needed a rest each lap.

    Happy Bidet Rachelle! Did you kick your high heels off for that photo with Speedygeoff?

  8. The bigger bolder font has done the trick. Excellent suggestion Ewen. Excellent advice following Geoff ;-). Happy birthday Rachelle ..... oh to be 37 again.. hang on wasn't that just yesterday ;-)?

  9. Ewen is my trusted adviser, I always listen to what he says. He is quite sprightly, too.

  10. I hope your "warm ups" included ones for Ewen. You know the ones in which you start with spoonfeeding porridge and continue feeding progressively harder foods until he can handle food the consistency of chicken ;)

  11. If sprightly is a synonym for bouncy I'll take it. My legs have been feeling good and bouncy lately.

    Janene, if I'd followed all Geoff's advice over the years I'd be as sprightly as Scott Brown by now.

    By the way Scott, porridge is now my favourite main course - and pavlova remains my favourite dessert ;)