Wednesday, 14 October 2009

- based on a quoted from Jan Paderewski. I am not going to miss a day this week, even though the weather has turned foul.

Results from World Masters Games
M60 800m final
1 Ogilvie, Trevor M61 New Zealand 2:21.68
2 Lamb, John M60 Australia 2:21.90
3 Solomon, Kevin M62 Australia 2:22.32
4 Wigger, Tim M61 United State 2:23.67
5 McManus, Tony M60 New Zealand 2:23.88
6 Sims, Geoff M61 Australia 2:25.77
7 Gillies, Les M62 Australia 2:35.82
8 Talib, Salih M64 United State 2:36.50
9 Box, Jim M63 Australia 2:39.03
10 Wakelin, Neil M62 Canada 2:40.64
11 Milne, Peter M60 Canada 2:54.67

W55 1500m final
1 Saunders, Margaret W55 Australia 5:43.09
2 Sims, Kathy W58 Australia 5:44.10 ACT record by 5.69 seconds
3 Wall, Clare W55 Australia 6:22.49
4 Coffey, Rosita W57 Australia 7:12.21

Brilliant Kathy, silver in an excellent time, oh so close to gold. Kathy's own W55 ACT record was 5:49.79, set in Townsville last year. So this 5:44.10 annihilates it.
And well done Clare Wall!
In the W50 1500m Tesso was 7th in 6:09.19.

The women's 1500m was a direct clash with the women's cross country - not the most brilliant example of great programming we have ever seen - so women had to choose between them, which would explain why the numbers are down in the 1500m.

8km Cross Country results from yesterday haven't been posted yet, but I can tell you that Kathy Southgate was second outright in the women's field and won the W50 division, and Sue Archer won the W60s.

A better link to WMG results than the one I gave yesterday is

Finally, notice that John Lamb is "playing" with the M60 800m ACT record in the same way he played with the M55 record. He ran many 800s just the tiniest bit outside the M55 record, until he finally broke it. 2:21.90 is the tiniest bit outside the M60 record. Just 0.08 second, in fact, 2:21.82 set by Lindsay Hooper in the World Masters Games in Melbourne in 1987.


  1. These are awesome results! Congratulations to all involved.

  2. Great runs. Brilliant from Kathy Sims. Shame about the scheduling/queues etc.

    I didn't notice you missing on Monday ;)

  3. So Geoff, are you saying that if you miss 3 days of training we should all try and avoid you?

    P.S. Good run in Sunday Ewen, have they sorted out your time yet? If not you could use the video coverage to help get it sorted.

  4. I'd certainly be grumpier than usual if I missed three days. But you'd notice the lack of form first. Unlike Monday when I was going really well for the 200m intervals.

  5. Thanks Janene. That was a good idea - looked at the video of runner #6032 who finished near me - shows me crossing the finish at 1:43:13. Pretty sure it took around 13 seconds to get to the start mat, so 1:43:00 net is close enough.

  6. Well done everyone - fantastic results!