Monday, 19 October 2009

all systems go for another week

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World Masters Games Sydney
Half Marathon

W50 5 Tesso 1:38.02
W60 1 Sue Archer 1:39.58
W70 1 Anne Young 2:17.36
M75 1 Bob Chapman 1:51.43

M60 200m
5 John Lamb 27.12
6 Geoff Sims 27.16

Weston Creek Fun Run – the only “speedygoose” to compete was Geoff Barker, M65, who did the 6k in 43:45. I don’t think Geoff is allowed to run anymore, so he would have mainly walked it.

Fitzroy Falls marathon
10k 32nd Jenni Greenland 50:52
I wanted to run the marathon there this year but I was way out of form. The course looks great!

Fitzroy Falls 2009 start.

This week's plans - where I'll be.
Monday 19 4:30pm 8k at Parliament House
Monday 19 5:30pm Parliament House interval training with the speedygeese
Wednesday 21 12:15pm 101st BBQ Stakes 6k
Thursday 22 6:00pm Vets Track
.....6:00pm 3000m
.....7:15pm 4 x 800m relay
.....8:00pm spiral 7
I may "have a run" in the 3000m and/or the spiral. I am really not sure
Saturday 24 9:00am Stromlo interval training with the speedygeese
.....whether or not the proposed track closure occurs, we will continue to meet in the usual place inside Stromlo Forest Park. And it is definitely on, despite the handicap the next day.
Sunday 9:00am Vets Handicap at O'Connor. There is a 4k and an 8k, I am not sure which I will run.

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  1. I've known your site via strewth's blog. you posted a beautiful photo of the marathon through the wood.