Sunday, 11 October 2009

21 minute pb!

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, October 11, 2009 with 1 comment
News from the Melbourne marathon - Janene ran a 21 minute pb, 3:35.25 according to her watch, in perfect conditions in Melbourne. See all you Queenslanders, it pays to leave your hot weather behind, come down and live and train in Canberra, and race in Melbourne, all away from the heat. Brilliant running, Janene!

The World Masters Games Athletics starts in Sydney today. I know that Kathy and Geoff Sims are up there competing, and Mick Horan is also an entrant. Also I hear that friend Tesso from Brisbane is running too. I will keep an eye on the results this week.

What I am watching: The best mystery/crime solving TV program I have seen is "Jonathon Creek", and it returns with a Special on ABC TV tonight.

Mixed metaphors: Here are two mixed metaphors, both used quite inadvertently.
The first by my wife Jenny recently:
“He got through by the skin of his pants”.

The other is one of mine I heard myself saying yesterday:
“Today I bit the bull by the horns”.

Accidental mixed metaphors are the best!

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  1. Ewen's time was 1:43, Thea's 1:46 and Norma 2:25 which was 7mins faster than last year. Fantastic!