Friday, 11 September 2009

transformation strategy #11: the three steps

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There is a transformation ladder which has three steps.
Step one is personal transformation
Step two is organisational transformation
Step three is community transformation.

Start at step one
People on step one are finding out what can be done for them
They are changing, improving, learning
It's OK to be on step one and to stay on step one

To be on step two you must have first been on step one.
Here's where you are working with a group, helping the members of the group to transform themselves
You are teaching, trying things out with others as well as with yourself
It's OK to be on step two, and to stay there or step down again

To be on step three you must first have been on steps one and two. This is the key to true social transformation.
You are working in and with the wider community trying to spread awareness of what is needed, facilitating change by setting up structures which help people and groups.
I think I am stage two, but to truly see a changed society, there will have to be people working hard in stage three. And I repeat, they will have to have been at steps one and two, themselves, to be fully committed and effective.
Don't leave it to governments, media, commercial interests. We have to be there and do it.

Ewen Thompson running the Half Marathon. Like me, Ewen is a strategist at steps one and two. His blog always makes for thoughtful and informative reading.

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