Tuesday, 1 September 2009

transformation strategy #1: inspiration

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I am inspired to re-start a series on this year's theme: transformation.
Get inspired.
Read, attend seminars, talk to your peers.
Find out what people are doing to transform their lives.
Listen to the success stories.
Read. Absorb. Apply. Prepare to take action.
Understand what you need to be doing to get fitter.
Don't stay in your comfort zone.
Determine to make it work.

My 2009-2010 summer training plan: (draft!)
Mondays long run and supervise intervals at Parliament House <=32k
Tuesdays gym, then easy tempo run; e.g. at spring & summer series <=12k
Wednesdays Race BBQ 6k then easy recovery run <=20k
Thursdays Long run and maybe a token track "race" <=28k
Fridays gym and easy run <=12k
Saturdays Interval training at Stromlo (e.g. km intervals) then a recovery run <=16k
Sundays Rest
Total up to 120k

Dismantle; Repair
This summer I am letting go of track training and taking on longer running, which history tells me I am more suited to.
The plan outlined above should be fully operational by December all being well.
Some weeks I will run long and hard on Saturday or Sunday. Thursdays will be easy on those weeks.
What I have in mind: 2010 Canberra Marathon. Or something.
I would very much like to participate in some of the long weekend races on offer such as Orroral Valley, but the problem is, up until the end of November I would still like to excel in the Frylink series.

Helen in the Half Marathon

An inspiration to us all


  1. All the speedygeese flying in formation are an inspiration! Honk, Honk, Honk!

  2. Good luck in the training!

    Ewen - LOL!!