Saturday, 26 September 2009

Changing seasons

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, September 26, 2009 with 3 comments
The last Thursday night training at Dickson for some time, and the group ran a session we did at Parliament House a couple of times - 200/400/600/400/200/400/600/400/200 with equal distance jog recoveries. Present were Brett, Bronwyn, Craig, Heidi, me, Janene, Jodie, Joel, Maria, Miranda, Nadine, Neil, Roger, Ruth, Yelena. And then, there was cake, thanks Janene.

Now that Thursday night training at Dickson is over, I am planning to train at Stromlo Forest Park, Saturday mornings, starting next week Saturday 3 October. Meeting time will be 9:00am. Right through summer. Yes it will be warm in January/February, and we will need to come prepared.

Now here's the rub: we may not be in a position to plan ahead for our training session very well. The Stromlo area is heavily used and we don't know what areas will be free for us to run in from week to week. Also, there are plans afoot to close the cross country course for four whole months. What "close" means I do not know; maybe it is unavailable for bookings but parts of the track may be open for training from time to time. Or maybe the whole track will be out of bounds for much or all of the time. I plan to play it by ear from week to week and see what's available. For example: we can cross Uriarra road and get out of the Stromlo area if we have to, doing some intervals on the dirt in the old Deeks Forest area. So you see there will be no shortage of possibilities if the grass is off limits.

(a) Here's the notification: "For your information, the Robert de Castella Cross Country course at Stromlo Forest Park will be closed for maintenance from 19 October 2009 through to 18 February 2010. All other areas of SFP will still be accessible".

(b) Where and when we will meet: 9am every Saturday at Stromlo Forest Park for a warm-up before doing some interval training session, either on the cross country course or elsewhere.

(c) Who can join in? Anyone, any time.

(d) when does this start? Saturday 3 October.

Expressions of interest would be good.


  1. My facial expression is one of interest ;-). Not sure if it should be wide eyed or furrow browed, but what the heck. Saturdays sound good. I should be able to make Oct 3, but can't do Oct 10 and suspect Oct 17 won't be a goer either. Bonus points for those able to guess why .....

  2. Oh that sounds like a great plan. I can come back to training sessions on a Saturday morning. Yay!

  3. No idea Janene, you shouldn't let a little 42k run interfere with training.

    Andrea it would be great to have you join us.

    I have received four emails so far from other people wanting to join in.