Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Way back in the 1970s

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 with 12 comments
Monday training was 8x400m with 400m jog on the 600m course on the west side of Parliament House. Present were Alan, Andrew, Cathy, Christopher, Craig, Ewen, me, Helen, Joel, Katie, Ken, Mick C, Neil, Rachelle, Ruth & Yelena; Helen brought champagne, which is the only way to conclude a hard training session.

Amongst all the birthdays happening now, Nadine turned 40 recently; Jennifer 34 last Thursday; Helen 50 tomorrow. Happy birthday! Looks like there will be some major re-shuffles of track relay teams this summer, and possibly some new records.

Jenny & I will be celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary this Saturday.

As well as the Vets Half Marathon, there is a High Noon Meet this Sunday 23 August, The running events are:

12:00 noon 200/300/400m hurdles
12:15 pm 60m
12:30 pm 100m
12:55 pm 200m
1:00 pm 1500m run and walk
1:15 pm 400m

I do so like old pictures. Who is this? Hint: she trained with us on Monday night.


  1. I was going to guess Bronwyn, but she wasn't there.

    Scott, I left my flowers in Frisco.

  2. Oi, I'm not 40 until after I get back from my US trip next month!

    And thanks Ewen, I would have nearly been 2 when that photo was taken!

  3. Hmmmm - let me think about it!
    What a month - full of celebrations - have a wonderful anniversary on Saturday!

  4. Darn allrounder, my usually reliable sources of birthday information have failed me twice. First I got Mick H wrong by a month, now yours. Perhaps this is because we are all getting older?

  5. Strewth, have a think for a while and then you can let me know who you imagine the photo is of. Don't stress out over it though.

  6. Hmm... Maybe your sources aren't as sharp as they used to be. Or maybe your sources aren't as sharp as they used to be ;-)

  7. OK, if it's not Bronwyn, my second guess is Helen. She's old enough to have had flowers in her hair.

  8. I suppose Helen is a good guess - she would have been about 12 when the photo was taken.

  9. OK, what about Maria? She's much older than Helen.

  10. Nobody knows who it is, all we know is that it isn't recent.