Saturday, 29 August 2009


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When You Gotta Go.
I often talk about running and I sometimes talk about movies. Coraline (3D) was brilliant; Up (3D) promises to be just as brilliant.

This post brings running and movies together. And peeing. The question is, whatever happened to the intermission in long movies? There are times when you just have to have a toilet break. A new website is the answer. You can look up current movies and see when the best times are to make a run for the toilets, just how long you have got, and what happens on the screen while you are away.

For the 2½-hour Inglourious Basterds, the site gives you three options to "run pee." But for the 107-minute Time Traveler's Wife, there's only one option, and for just two minutes. So much for time travel!

The only flaw I can see in this strategy is when everyone at the theatre uses the website and dashes for the loo at the same time.

The Half Marathon
Peter Hogan walked the Half Marathon in about the time it takes to watch a Lord of the Rings movie. I wonder if he needed a rest stop?


  1. haha! thanks, I needed a giggle right now. :)

  2. There was no time in Inglourious Basterds for that!

    Go during the 5th promo and be back for the start of the movie if you can't last 3 hours.