Sunday, 16 August 2009


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rapid; fast; quick; speedy.

speedygeese at Dunrossil Drive 4.1k
34. Geoff Moore M60 17:31
43. Heidi Johnston W35 18:27
48. Ewen Thompson M50 19:02
65 finishers
My run of 17:31 compares favourably with 22:57 (2008) and 19:31 (2007) where I must have been taking it easy; 16:53 (2003) and 17:04 (2001). But doesn't compare all that favourably with earlier times, for instance 13:21 (1981)!

Helen turns 50
Helen turns 50 this coming Wednesday. Here she is opening presents last night.... Helen says she is running quicker now than she was last year.

ACTCCC winter program changes
22 AUGUST: Due to building works the Horse Park Drive event has been moved to Mt Majura, using the traditional Vets courses. Start will be on Antill St Hackett, near where the housing finishes, where the tracks start.
29 AUGUST: The final relays of the season will be moved from Stromlo Forest Park to Yarralumla Bay (traditional location off Novar St/Alexandrina Dr) due to commencement of set up for the Mountain Bike International at SFP. The relays will be Parlouf style – more details will follow, but this style of relay means members of a team can run essentially run any distance they want as many times as they want to complete the total event distance.


  1. Interesting outfit Helen's wearing - great colours! Was it a themed party??

  2. Sure was. I will see what other colourful photos I can find for tomorrow. Ken even briefly had hair.

  3. Good gift - some black tights. Was Helen giving you a hint by wearing one green stocking and one pink?

  4. Great job on your times... I guess that points out a positive that my times from the 80's and very early 90's were misplaced. I can't imagine that I will ever be that fast again.