Saturday, 18 April 2009

Young hearts be free tonight

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Results AMA 8k CC, Monday 13 April
W35 2 Ellis-Brownlee, Rachelle W36 39:26
M45 1 Graham, Bruce M47 28:13
M50 3 Pilkington, Roger M50 34:31
M60 6 Moore, Geoff M60 36:38
M65 5 Glover, Clive J M68 43:46

It’s a small world
When Jenny and I arrived at the Hay RSL club for dinner on Thursday night 16 April on our way home, who should be sitting in the restaurant there but Clive and Joan Glover! AND, they were staying at the same motel as us, in the room next door to ours!

Life on the road 

Results Women's and Girls' Fun Run, Sunday 5 April
7 Kathy Southgate 19:32
22 Thea Zimpel 21:38
35 Helen Larmour 22:27
56 Maria O'Reilly 23:54
84 Catherine Montalto 24:50
131 Miranda Rawlinson 26:39
151 Ruth Baussmann 27:09
167 Yelena Pearson 27:40
1168 finishers

Some Fun Run stars

ACTCCC May events have been swapped. The program now reads
Saturday 2nd May - Cooleman Ridge 1/5/8k
Saturday 9th May - Stromlo Forest Park 1/2.5/5k

120k per week.
In training, 30 years ago I would run 14k or so in an hour.
Now-days I rarely run more than 10k in an hour in my long training runs.
So I reckon 120k per week now is worth 100 miles per week then.
100 miles was the winter benchmark.
120k is the new 100 miles.


  1. That's evidence of math disruption. I make 120k per week now the same as 104 miles per week then.

    What's good enough for the goose...

  2. Good luck for the marathon tomorrow Geoff.

  3. Thanks but... although I have decided to start, I am really just a spectator and won't go far. I am too sore, I have had no pain-free running this week.