Monday, 27 April 2009

Time to make plans

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, April 27, 2009 with 3 comments
My long term plans finished with the Masters track events at Easter, and I said I would then decide what to focus on next. For example, will I run the World Masters Games in October? No. Because my Easter results were less than satisfactory and getting there fitness-wise as an enormous struggle.

I need to back off and build up slowly. Distance first.

Starting this week I plan to
  • begin a six month gym routine involving stepper running. I did this five years ago and it was very successful.
  • increase my stretching routine from once to three times weekly
  • start building up towards 120km per week (despite the cold wintry weather)
  • resume doing a tempo run at the BBQ Stakes each Wednesday
  • focus on establishing consistent training for next year's Canberra Marathon, only 50 weeks away
  • go in some longer running events but train through, don't taper for races (unless I feel super-fit one day)

  • Probably the only racing I will try and do flat out are the monthly Masters Handicaps. Next summer I won't train for local Masters track, but I will still run it.

    May Vetrunner: my article isn't in, but I did send one. I think the problem is I sent it long before the deadline. Though there wasn't a lot of extra room, with all the important stuff that had to appear.

    Masters Handicap - Majura Nature Park 5k
    9 Katie Forestier W40 21:57 80.1%
    10 Cathy Montalto W55 26:16 77.7%
    22 Ken White M55 22:48 76.7%
    27 Geoff Moore M60 23:07 78.6%
    32 Amanda Walker W40 24:51 69.7%
    44 Jodie Davis W40 35:36 49.0%
    50 finishers

    Majura Nature Park 10k
    11 David Baussmann M55 50:34 72.3%
    24 Rod Lynch M45 40:43 82.3%
    26 Roger Pilkington M50 46:12 73.0%
    30 Miranda Rawlinson W55 56:37 72.7%
    31 Christopher Lang M55 54:51 66.6%
    37 Alan Duus M60 53:15 70.7%
    40 Ruth Baussmann W55 59:46 70.3%
    45 Maria O'Reilly W50 52:07 77.4%
    46 Margaret McSpadden W60 66:38 66.2%
    49 Nadine Thomlinson W35 49:38 70.2%
    58 Yelena Pearson (ahem) 64:30
    62 Kathy Southgate W50 44:04 89.8%
    65 Caroline Campbell W65 57:07 82.4%
    71 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee W35 54:06 63.1%
    92 finishers
    Not a bad turnout given the cold and blustery wind!

    Marathon photo #5
    A very fit and tuned in CJ powering alone

    Track photo #3
     I like the artistic blur effect. Photos by John Kennedy.


    1. I prefer CJ's photo - at least she doesn't look like a ghost!

      Ahem, masterful run by Yelena.

      P.S. I won't be at Parly House tonight - running from home.

    2. Hello Speedygeoff

      That "stepper" training sounds interesting, if you have some time and are so inclined,("inclined" get it?) could you elaborate on this, please.

    3. I don't like the new elliptical "steppers" every gym seems to have, they are injury-promoting I reckon, but the gym I am joining at Canberra Uni on Wednesday additionally has replacements for the old-fashioned non-elliptical type stepper, which look good and should fit the bill. After I use them and check their make and model, and what they are actually called, I will write a review of them. Thursday, maybe.