Friday, 3 April 2009

The pleasure and pain of running

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I am feeling the stress of wanting to perform well next week. But isn't running supposed to reduce stress?

This morning's "Younger Legs" post:
At reasonable training levels, running ...
Has been shown to alleviate depression and addiction.
Allows us to clear our minds, often leading to problem-solving that's been eluding us.
Helps us work through aggression and anger.
Builds confidence.
Provides us with reinforcement and support from our running community.
Keeps us healthy!

But when overdone and combined with life's other stresses, training can also ...
Lead to sickness.
Lead to insomnia.
Lead to physical and mental burnout.
Lead to injury.
Lead to complete exhaustion.

... all of which leaves us depressed, unable to problem-solve, angry, lacking confidence, withdrawn from our various communities, and not-healthy-in-the-least.

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Thursday, the last night of track for 2008-09, saw several good performances, seasons bests, and personal bests. The highlight was Tony Booth taking nine seconds off the mile record for his age group. Also excelling were Katie, Bronwyn, Ruth, Rachelle, Miranda amongst others.

The annual presentations were held. Winning the "Heart Foundation" award was Garry Maher, and winning the "Club Person of the Year" award was Kevin Chamberlain.

Last night I was awarded my fourth ever Australian Record certificate, this one for a relay run last October, 4 x 800m in the M60s. The other three members of the relay team are the afore-mentioned Garry Maher and Kevin Chamberlain, along with Geoff Sims.

All four of us will be competing in the AMA Nationals next week.

Gary Bowen
Gary didn't race last night but ran around and around the track. I didn't race last night either but jogged around the track. We are trying to run out pain, me before the Nationals, Gary before the Canberra Marathon.

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  1. Is the girl in that shop trying to scare away customers?

    Congrats on the certificate. Speedy time!