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Transformation: You CAN change spots on an old dog

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My plan for week 3 of 2009:
Monday 12th: An hour's stretching in the morning. Parliament House in the heat of the afternoon, a run at 4:30pm with Ewen and anyone else who turns up (Ruth? Miranda? others?), then speedygeese training at 5:30pm.
Tuesday 13th: Stromlo at 6:00pm for a 5k tempo run. Plan for 22 minutes despite the heat.
Wednesday 14th: A recovery run around Belconnen.
Thursday 15th: A rest from racing. But I will come out and watch the 3k/5k, 800 (handicapped!), and perhaps the 10k if anyone in the group decides to run it.
Friday 16th: A recovery run around Belconnen
Saturday 17th: Stromlo intervals 9:00am, 3x1km.
Sunday 18th: Stromlo long run 8:00am to complete 90k once again.
This is all very similar to week 2, except for the non-race Thursday.

Transformation: updates will keep coming. Change is always possible, even when you're older, when you might hear people say "you're set in your ways". Reject that thought! You CAN change spots on an old dog. Key #4: Don’t say “I have always done it that way”. Even if something is GOOD, something else may be BETTER! Be prepared to give everything away so you can grasp what is on offer! At the start of a new year I lay EVERYTHING down on the table. Then I pick up what seems right and sufficient. Some old things, some new things (and possibly some borrowed things, some blue things?) It’s not that I have decided (in advance) to discontinue some activity. It’s just that one can get tied into something which is less than productive or meritable. And one can be doing good things one shouldn’t be doing, because there may be better things not being achieved.

Transformation: Summary so far
Key 1. Full of hope, anticipation and awe, knowing the future is malleable and that you can intervene to achieve worthwhile goals,
Key 2. …you employ directed self-talk to get yourself onto the desired track and to keep yourself there,
Key 3. ... while staying dissatisfied, even frustrated, with where you are now, and
Key 4. ... being prepared to let go of some good things so that you can grasp some better things.

Spiral 4 times from Thursday are in the newspaper, but they are the gross times, not the net times. Running from the training group were Gary, Rachelle, Bronwyn, Ruth, MickH, GeoffB, & Rod.

Spiral 4 net times, according to the ACTMA website
M50 Gary Bowen 7.39
W35 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee 6.57
W35 Bronwyn Calver 6.54
W55 Ruth Baussmann 8.24
M45 Mick Horan 8.26
M60 Geoff Barker 8.26
M45 Rod Lynch 5.53

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  1. I should be there about 4:29. I struggled yesterday, so today should be good, right?