Thursday, 15 January 2009

The next best thing

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My Top Ten Secret Likes
1. Staying in bed.
2. Repetitive intoxicating hypnotic music by Snow Patrol and Death Cab for Cutie. Loud. On repeat.
3. Turkish delight, fruit and nut chocolate, fresh blackberries and cream, tinned pears and chocolate sauce, nougat, fresh strawberries and cream, caramel apple cake with caramel topping, ginger plums (I can smell them cooking now! Literally), grapes, figs, apricots, anything at all with ginger in, ….. not necessarily all at once! No, not not necessarily all at once!!
4. Happy people.
5. Running like the wind.
6. Quince. Raw, cooked, no matter. Freshly cooked quince with ginger and cloves. YUM!
7. Live comedy. Examples: Lano and Woodley. Barry Humphries. Spike Milligan. Rod Quantock. Alexei Sayle. Shaun Micallef. Must be funny, not stupid and offensive, which eliminates almost every new alleged comedian of the last twenty years.
8. Feet up and a glass of red wine at the end of the day.
9. Stromlo grass running track. Heaven will have one like it! Maybe not quite as good.
10. Old fashioned text adventure games, such as Zork, Planetfall, Humbug, Jacaranda Jim; all downloadable for free these days. I am playing Planetfall. Again.

11 – vegemite
"Gillard promises to save Vegemite from fatty-foods ban"
(The Age, Friday, 9 January 2009)
Acting Prime Minster Julia Gillard has hit out at suggestions that the iconic – but very salty – Australian spread Vegemite could be forced off supermarket shelves if a Government taskforce recommends taxes or bans on fatty and salty foods.
Gillard told The Age that Vegemite would not lose its place on grocery shelves on her watch.
"I am a very happy Vegemite eater and there is no way in the world that Vegemite would be banned in this country.
"Vegemite is part of being Australian, part of our history, part of our future – and I'll be continuing to wake up in the morning and having it on my toast."
The Australian Food and Grocery Council and the Australian Retailers Association were also up in arms, vowing to fight for the yeasty product.
"The AFGC is disappointed that (the) National Preventative Health Taskforce has chosen to risk the credibility of its report to Government through failing to base its considerations first and foremost on scientific evidence, rather than conjecture and supposition," the group says.
Scott Driscoll, executive director of The Retailers Association, has labelled the potential ban or taxes as "un-Australian" rubbish.
"For a Federal Government taskforce to be even talk about imposing a tax on Vegemite for consumers due to salt content is political correctness gone utterly mad," says Driscoll.
"Retailers nationally can all testify that demand for the popular breakfast spread on toast remains high, and for the Australian Government to be paying members of a taskforce to come out with such garbage is a serious waste of taxpayer dollars in itself. "The bureaucrats peddling this nonsense should go away and spread some Vegemite on a piece of toast, sit down and watch The Castle on DVD and realise they're dreaming!"

The next best thing

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  1. New to my top ten:
    Wagging a race when it's 37C.

    Also in my top ten:
    The grass track at Stromlo.