Friday, 30 January 2009

Feet on Fire

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, January 30, 2009 with 2 comments
A 38 degrees day, no cool change in the evening, and still the Thursday night athletics went ahead with plenty of competitors and no hurry to leave at the end. In the middle of the evening we had the 4 x 1500m relay. A great event at the best of times, this time we had a record breaking new look W40 combination, which included our Amanda!!!, smashing the Australian record and running what might also be recognised as a world record/world best sometime "down the track".

The record breakers

Jane Zeller, Sarah Fien, Jackie Fairweather, and Amanda Walker after their record run. If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see Meet Director Ewen in the background, amongst others.

The previous ACT/Australia/World time was held by our own speedygirls Helen, Charlie, Kelley, Katie, who ran 23.05 in late 2007.

The new record is approximately 21.17.

Very approximate split times:
Sarah 5:11
Jane 5:26
Amanda 5:41
Jackie 4:57

It occurs to me that the W40 age group is very strong here in Canberra.

Amanda cooling down with Ken after the run.


  1. 3k PB runner Allrounder is in the background too.

    That photo shows my best side. It's going straight to the pool room.

  2. The relay team photo shows my best side too. Now if only it showed Kathy Sims instead of Ken Smith, and Cathy Montalto instead of Greg Gilbert, it would be perfect.