Friday, 16 January 2009

Alice in Wonderland's endless influence

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Thursday night at the track
As the 3000m field set off, the temperature dropped a few degrees, but not enough to make it comfortable for the runners. However, just as the 10k started at 8pm, the temperature dropped dramatically, resulting in some good performances in the large field. A highlight was Jackie Fairweather's W40 10k ACT record by 4 seconds.

Of the speedygeese, Amanda in the 800m ran a personal best time by about 4 seconds. This was in a handicapped 800 so the time won't be official, but "about 4 seconds" is a convincing pb!

Not to be out-done, Bronwyn ran a track 10k pb by 96 seconds!

Keep your ear to the grindstone, there are bound to be more good performances soon!

I didn't run; took photos instead

lap scorers in the 10k

Bronwyn. (And Jackie)

what I am reading
I have just completed Pratchett's A Hat Full Of Sky.
“Coming back to where you started from is not the same as never leaving”

what I am watching: Labyrinth. It wasn't as good as I remember, but that is a rarity. A kind of "coming of age" movie aimed at girls of about 12, with lots of good Jim Henson muppetry and an imaginative Escher-inspired castle.
Jennifer Connelly tells David Bowie:
"My will is as strong as yours.
"My kingdom is great
"You have no power over me".


  1. 4 seconds in an 800 is big - as is Bronwyn's PB on a hot night. I heard a gosling put in a medal-winning performance in the 10,000 too.

  2. I'm not so sure about that - Nick was third, Bruce 4th, and of the women Jackie, Vanessa and Sarah were running, no geese there.. or has one been recruited?