Saturday, 29 November 2008

...the tough get going

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, November 29, 2008 with 4 comments
Only Ewen kept going on Thursday night when it poured with rain during the 3k/5k, so fluked a win. Or to put it another way, ran last and caused the officials to get wet. But we have tough officials - see note at end of post.

Thursday night results.

M60 Geoff Sims 63.58 83.2%
M50 Gary Bowen 64.26 77.6

M45 Rod Lynch 4:51.32 81.2 %
M45 Mick Horan 5:11.05 76.8
M55 Ken White 5:17.91 79.2
M60 Kevin Chamberlain 5:30.99 80.6
M45 Roger Pilkington 5:34.90 71.3
M60 Geoff Sims 5:49.89 75.0
W45 Helen Larmour 6: 09.56 73.9
W35 Bronwyn Calver 6:17.90 64.4

M45 Rod Lynch 10:52.33 75.9%
M60 Geoff Moore 12: 06.33 75.3
M55 Ken White 12:11.32 71.7
M45 Roger Pilkington 12:36.66 66.0
W40 Amanda Walker 12:45.77 68.5
W45 Helen Larmour 12:58.88 74.5
M50 Gary Bowen 13: 07.55 64.4
W35 Bronwyn Calver 13:26.57 64.6
M60 Geoff Barker 15:42.65 60.1

M50 Ewen Thompson 21:44.73 66.9%

Here it is!
All credit to the other runners Kevin, Geoff S, and Garry, who all ran quicker than I. We took 19 seconds off the Australian record that day.

Only the Lonely
A new training session at Stromlo Forest Park got going this morning. Yes 'twas only I at Stromlo running intervals. I don't mind - it means I am one hard session ahead of everyone else. And I was picturing those M60 championship races planned for 2009, hoping my rivals in those races were slacking off too.

When the going gets tough

... Kelley and her war wounds. But what is going on behind her?
Note - Kelley was the official who Ewen caused to get wet on Thursday night. But Kelley is used to that, if you remember her three dives into the water at Vanity's Crossing during the Bulls Head relay leg.


  1. 'twas a sweet victory. That's my story! Over 1000 races and the victories can be counted on one hand.

    I was thinking of Kelley too. Getting soaked will happen at Six Foot, so she needs to keep practising!

  2. Poor Kelley ... what are you doing to our girls!

  3. Some like it rough, Tesso.

  4. I did not mind at all being wet. I totally enjoyed watching and time keeping all you great runners on the track. Ewen did so well it is hard to keep focus when you are the only one left running, I admire you so much Ewen well done!