Thursday, 20 November 2008

smoke and mirrors

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there should be more speedygeese blogs. then you could share how your training was going...

You know you’re a masters athlete when . . .
. . . you take home the gold medal after finishing last in your race.
. . . you arrive for the high jump an hour late, and the bar still hasn’t been raised to your starting height.
. . . you thrill to see yourself in the annual age-group rankings.
. . . you despair to see your only mark of the season in the annual age-group rankings.
. . . you start comparing yourself to 70-year-old pole vaulters and 30-year-old milers on the basis of performance percentage.
. . . you get crushed by someone 15 years older than you.
. . . you learn the guy who crushed you competed in the 1960 USA Olympic Trials at Stanford University.
. . . you travel a thousand miles just to run for 12 seconds.
. . . you pull up lame 1,000 miles from home six seconds into a race.
. . . you line up against teen-agers at an all-comers meet, just for the private satisfaction of seeing their faces when you tell them your age afterward.
. . . you limp into work the next day, just for the public pride in being able to explain to astonished co-workers that you just ran the 400-meter intermediate hurdles.
. . . you celebrate turning 50, 55, 60 or 65.
. . . you curse being 49, 54, 59 or 64
. . . your physiotherapist is younger than your kids.
. . . you have enough T-shirts to make a quilt that would cover the track infield.
. . . you spend more time stretching than you do running
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I want a spell checker because my typing is pretty random and an automatic spelling correcter is very handy. And fun when for example it tries to correct "pole vaulters" by suggesting “pole vultures”. Which sounds fair enough, could it could catch on?

I am currently masquerading as a UK citizen on my home computer, in all but time-zone, to avoid horrendous "American English" spelling, but there is a down side: iGoogle search gives me British hits first, and a British-only search option instead of the familiar Australian-only.

I might just revert back to Australian, and turn off automatic spell checking and correction. Unless there is some way, any way at all, done with smoke and mirrors no doubt, to get around it? Please say it is so!

what I am reading
Neil Gaiman has become my favourite author, just through reading his book Smoke and Mirrors.

If I run well in the 4x1500m relay tonight I will keep training for 1500s.... See you at the track. Bring your raincoat and umbrella.


  1. Pole vultures! What next? Shot poofters?

  2. no Ewen, there is no real Australian spell checker. The English one I am using likes putters but would also accept peters.

  3. p.s. I ran well enough in the 1500m tonight to keep training for it. Not all that well, but not all that bad.