Sunday, 6 July 2008

Twist and Shout

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Having just returned home from the High Noon meet, I am impressed by
.the parent (Paul Torley) who runs with his child. At 5 minute 1500m pace
.the effort put in by Ken, Katie and Amanda, who each had honest, all-out runs in the 3000m despite a strong headwind in the back straight
.my ability as an M60 being able to run a fast first lap and then being able to finish the race without dropping away. At last!
.the volunteers like Jill, Kevin, Neil, Bob, Rosemary, Bryan, Trish who come out just to help.

The next High Noon meet is on July 27. The track events on that day are:
12:00pm sprint hurdles
12:15pm 60m
12:30pm 100m
12:50pm 800m
1:05pm 200m
1:20pm 3000m (run & walk)

Speedygeese today:
Ken 11:36
Katie 11:51
Amanda 12:35

Geoff 5:19

Joel 56.3

Speedygeese at the Gold Coast

CJ 3:40.05
David Webster 3:52.00 (half-way 1:35)
Roger 3:55.32
Strewth 4:12.36

Half Marathon
Mr Strewth 1:42.19
Allrounder 1:48.00

Ewen 45.15

Birthdays over the next few days include Mandy Chew, 50 tomorrow, and Peter McDonald, 55 on Tuesday, entering new age groups.

My Monday monitor a day early is:
last week’s target: 100k
achieved: 64k
year 2008 total to date: 2316k in 27 weeks
this week's target: nil! I am having my mid year break.
weight: 64kg ▲

Yes I am having a week off and I expect to stay fit and well as I will be doing a lot of walking which won't count towards weekly distance run. But isn't it nice to have a break when you are not sick or injured?

I am going away but this blog will keep ticking over. I have prepared six days' posts in advance. So if any new news happens, you will have to add it for me.

Ken (Monday) and Neil (Thursday) will look after training at Parliament House and Dickson Oval respectively.

I am so looking forward to seeing Leeland live at the Acer Arena this Thursday night!

Daylight Saving in the ACT
It's official at last: daylight saving will begin the first Sunday in October this year, and end the first Sunday in April 2009.

Face twisted with agony.

Finally a reminder of the agony of the marathon, and why the 1500m is so much easier. (One day I will convince myself of that!) Photo by Roger Abbott.


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