Thursday, 17 July 2008

That’s All Right (Mama)

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One of my favourites:

We have all seen it and done it. But conformity is alright, if it's conforming to something meritorious! The scary thing is when you see conformity for conformity's sake. (I thought penguins might have worked as well as zebras. Never mind.) That's all right my mama, anyway you do.

At the BBQ Stakes yesterday I ran the same time as last run, again! I am amazed how consistent I continue to be this year, it's never ever happened before. It would have to be because all the injuries and niggles are no longer a factor and it's only fitness holding me back. Helen ran well too, she is returning to form: I give Helen 2:15 start and this time did not catch her. And at last weekend's Googong Half Marathon, Helen excelled: although she missed the start by seven minutes due to a mix-up about where the start point actually was.

BBQ Stakes
me 25:19
Helen 27:23.

Googong Dam off-road Half Marathon
35. Helen Larmour 48 W45 1:59:20
39. Alan Duus 62 M60 2:03:44
46. Peter Hogan 61 M60 2:17:20
52. Geoff Barker 63 M60 2:35:38


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