Sunday, 13 July 2008

She Loves You

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My goodness, I had no idea how I was going to use today's title as a post heading. Every post in this blog from 28 May and on has a Beatles title as its heading. (Or if you like apostrophe's, a Beatles' title as it's heading.) So thank you Marc for using "She Loves You" as your theme today so I can link it here,, and use it as an excuse to promote the blogs I list on my side-bar. In each category you see listed the latest posts from a variety of sources, and what you see is updated every time you enter or refresh this blog. By the way, Marc's post linked above and on the side-bar has an exquisite photo of a yummilicious desert and a most desirable tree-house. Yeah Yeah Yeah, it's you she's thinking of, and she knows just what to say! Good stuff!

Parliament Houwse Hills

Back to the hill work tomorrow at Parliament Houwse (as we now call it). It's good for you! I Feel Fine, I'll Be There. The Rain has gone, Here Comes The Sun.

Farewell Mark and Barb

Hey guys, it's good to see you settling in in New Zealand. Sorry to hear about those Springboks who spoilt the party last night. We will come and see you sometime and cheer you up.

Barb's email would be similat to what's in the sidebar - but not exactly that. Try BarbTucker not BardyTucker, try hotmail not hitmail? Can't have spwelling errors, can we? One day I will deliberatley not go back and correct the typos caused by me typing too fast.


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