Sunday, 27 July 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

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A man finds an old-fashioned oil lamp on the beach. He takes it home and starts cleaning it up. A genie pops out. Genie: Ive been in there so long my powers are weak. I can only grant you one wish, and its a choice of two. I can either make you super-rich or super-smart. Whatll it be? Man, after a moments though: Yknow, Ive always been bothered about being kinda slow. Always felt people were laughing at me behind my back. Well, no more of that! Make me super-smart! Genie: Done! The genie vanishes. The man smacks himself on the forehead: Jeez, I shoulda taken the money!

Today aki ran 2:54.41 for the 800m at the High Noon Meet.

Yelena ran her first ever 3000m, it was 16.22

And Joel ran a very fast 100m/200m double, possibly slightly miffed that younger brother Toby pipped him in both.

Meanwhile earlier in the day, the highlight of the Mt Taylor Masters Handicap runs was the 200 run T-shirt given to Doug Fry.


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