Friday, 18 July 2008

Johnny B Goode

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Continuing the "consistency" theme of yesterday:

Two things I often emphasise: consistency in training, and relaxation in all running and racing. Goode runners practice both!

Yesterday's training at Dickson: Five teams (of 2 runners each) ran 4x2x600m in a relay, after an initial 600m time trial. Present were Al, Bronwyn, David, me, Jodie D, Joel, Margaret, Neil, Rachelle, Rod back from work-trips, Ruth, Tony & Yelena. Thea was also visible on the horizon. We were delighted to see that one set of lights had been turned to face the oval, turned on, and turned up possibly (new globes?). At last, visibility was excellent!

And for M50 speedygeese, you will be delighted to know that John Morton turns 50 today! The aged are getting speedier. Kevin Chamberlain's M50 800m record, 2:05.9, set in March 1997, is potentially under threat. Coincidentally. Kevin turns 62 tomorrow, and if Kevin too gets fit for this track season, I will have a serious target for my 1500m races. It is always fun racing Kevin, he has a very goode turn of speed which makes racing him quite tactical.

But in the M50s, Go Johnny Go Go Go! Today's video has the Beatles performing "Johnny B Goode": I cannot embed this one, but you just have to see

Johnny Kennedy's photos are always goode too!

New Secretary speedygoose Miranda at Mt Ainslie: Also in the photo are new Treasurer Paul Archer, Rod & Amanda Lynch, and in the background, dear Prudence. Miranda will be joining me most Fridays at noon at Stromlo for a speedy interval session. Rain or shine, I will be there today.


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