Friday, 4 July 2008

How Do You Do It?

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Tony in the 8k cross country.

How we trained
Five by 600m on six minutes, Bronwyn, Caroline, quick-off-the-mark Charlie, slow-off-the-mark Jodie, Miranda, Neil, with me supervising. It was chilly. We "just do it" despite the conditions. Then Jodie & Bronwyn go off to footy training where it's even colder.

New Lights at Dickson
It's great having lights at Dickson track! I have a theory how their installation was planned.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
(1) Print an aerial map of the track, e.g. from Google Earth.
(2) Take the map to a children's birthday party.
(3) Use the map for a game of "Pin the tail on the donkey".
(4) Where the tails get pinned, put up a light pole.

Spin The Bottle
(5) Each child who pinned a tail, spins the bottle.
(6) The direction the bottle points is the direction the lights on top of their pole will face.

What's the Time, Mr Wolf?
(7) When it's "dinner time", the new lights will be turned on. It's still not dinner time.

How Do You Do It?
This was the first Beatles recording, back in 1962. But they never released it! People of my vintage and older will remember who did. Some of these people will be wearing pacemakers, others like me will be pacemakers, happy to set the pace for their friends.

Races coming up
Saturday 5 July: Mill Creek 6k (Narrabundah) 1pm
Sunday 6 July: Jogalong 6k (Weston Creek) 9am
Sunday 6 July: High Noon 3000m, 1500m (AIS) noon of course!
Saturday 12 July: Googong Half Marathon 21k (Tin Hut) 11am

Despair #2

("Labor"? Only in “Australian Labor Party” is it spelt without the "u", and I don't know why).


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