Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Hello Goodbye

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Training Goes Underground.
Welcoming spring weather on 30 June was a little premature; we now have strong cold winds, dark clouds scudding across the sky, intermittent rain; and all the little lambies have stopped sproinging down grassy hills and are huddled with their mummies. Last night at Parliament House Ewen and I got caught in the rain as we suffered our pre-training 7k. We seemed to find more road crossings where we had to stand and wait for cars than we usually do. Then back at our cars for a quick change of clothes and we were ready do our hill-sprints. Surprisingly ten others turned up: our group consisted of Amanda, Emma, Ewen, Gary, me, Joel, Katie, Ken, Neil, Rachelle, Ruth & Yelena. There was no complaint when it was decided to do our training underground in the shelter of the car park rather than venture outside, as even if the rain might have stopped, it was dark, cold and windy and miserable, and slippery under foot. So we ran loops of the car park for our warm-up then improvised hill sprints up its western side; the surface is even and smooth and not very steep, and visible! But it's bitumen. Fortunately no idling buses and not many cars; one taxi driver was annoyed to have to drive 5 metres further than he wanted to, but just one was very good for Canberra and its aggressive drivers. And of course a couple of disgusting smokers, but you just hold your breath.

Hello Spring, Goodbye Spring. I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello.

Preparing to run at Ainslie - speedySelf, speedyKen, speedyKatie.

Some get the niggles out of their calves; some yawn as they save energy for the sprint to come; some pray for a good run.

Joel & Yelena Pearson

from Yelena's facebook page.

Neil at Mt Ainslie

Neil receives his 150 runs t-shirt. Mt Ainslie photos by John Kennedy.

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  1. Ken's Back in Black. He's not yawning, he's singing the chorus!