Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Don't Pass Me By

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 with 1 comment
...or, just "Don't Pass Me". This particularly applies to handicap runs where I would appreciate the backmarkers staying Back Where They Belong. It is difficult to hold off a fast finishing backmarker, but not impossible, it has been done on occasion. And so to today's BBQ Stakes, which was certainly not the occasion; where rather than jog it (sore hamstring, maybe slightly torn) and be passed by every backmarker, I chose to watch. Not so Roger who took one option and ran off 11 minutes instead of his designated 15.15 and was passed by more than just the backmarkers before coming in with a net time of a relatively slow 31.35. And not so Helen who went to the other extreme and ran from home to the start, missing her start time of 12.30 and starting off 14 minutes, again ensuring the backmarkers all passed her as she coasted in with the slowish time of 29.20. It was that kind of day. All three of us are planning to run one of the Bush Capital runs on Sunday. Where there won't be any backmarkers, and we if we set off slowly enough, we will be the ones doing the passing as others tire.

For Helen and I, Saturday will probably bring a 25k but we are both keeping up our sleeves the 16k option. Roger the marathon.

The weather looks like being kind on Saturday but I am not so sure about Sunday.

How to recognise a marathoner:

With the Olympics around the corner, I wonder how many brilliant athletes will be dubbed "losers" by the media and other ignorami? All but one in each competition, I guess.

All speedygeese are winners. So there!

This winner also makes a habit of coming first. Caroline in the duathlon last weekend.

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  1. Looks a bit chilly for taking photos! Duathlons in winter are cruel - if only bikes had heaters.

    Re the marathoners - that's me every morning I try and swing a leg over the bike!