Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite!

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A Fun Link
Want to fly over snow covered mountains? Just use your mouse. This is the best "kite" connection I can think of!

On Saturday the speedygeese flew over the mountains of North Canberra. Very good results all round!

Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival
Campbell High School, Canberra
Saturday 26 July

speedygeese results:
10 km run

14 Miranda Rawlinson 58.03
16 km run
5 Helen Larmour 1.19.01
30 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee 1.30.25
31 Maria O'Reilly 1.30.43
32 Amanda Walker 1.30.43
39 Charmaine Knobel 1.32.19
40 Caroline Campbell 1.32.25
50 Ruth Baussmann 1.36.45
60 Cathy Montalto 1.40.09
25 km run
5 Emma Adams 2.08.46
10 Cathy Newman 2.22.28
2 Kelley Flood 3.42.04

16 km run

36 David Baussmann 1.25.04
49 Peter Hogan 1.36.28
25 km run
18 Geoff Moore 2.03.25
17 Roger Pilkington 4.10.26

Meanwhile down in Melbourne Mick H ran the Olympic Dream 10k road race in ... 40.01!

Invitation to Emma's Farewell

Emma is moving to Vancouver! Click to enlarge.

Monday night training saw Alan, Christopher, Emma, Ewen, me, Helen, Joel, Mick C, Rachelle, Ruth & Yelena run 10 "zigzags" each of which involved two little uphill (90m) sprints. It was cold!

With the Olympics coming next week, Australian Athletes have been told it's OK to drop out if the Beijing smog is too bad:

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  1. Anonymous30 July, 2008

    emma is reacting a bit strongly to the aussies being able to withdraw from the olympics.