Sunday, 29 June 2008

There's a Place

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, June 29, 2008 with 4 comments
First place, to be precise, for Adam Robinson in today's Thomas Series run, for the second time I am told; and third place for Miranda in the same handicapped race.

Third place too for Gary in the Frylink Series race.

A place too on the ACTMA committee for Miranda, newly elected Secretary. Paul Archer is the new Treasurer.

Cross Country - who we raced

Start of the 8k cross country championships. Tony (long sleeves) and I (red shoes) are in the foreground.

Ewen in the 12k

Chasing Jim

Mick in a tactical race in the 12k

Not that Ewen's chase wasn't tactical as well.


  1. Geez, he was a long way ahead at that stage!

    Your readers will think we have water in Canberra - it's so green. Not exactly flat, is it?

    I like the start photo. KS is wearing arm-warmers, but it looks hot.

  2. Great job you guys! I'm so envious of getting to run on the grass, I don't see many races like that in my town.

  3. We are very fortunate to have such a fantastic grass track to train and race on. I run there every Friday at 1:30pm! We have only had it for a year. There was nothing like it before, I wish there had been say 20 to 40 years ago when I did most of my running!

  4. Anonymous01 July, 2008

    your readers will think ewen runs only dressed in coordinated clothes. and look! even his shoesies match.