Sunday, 15 June 2008

slow down

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, June 15, 2008 with 3 comments
Moving so fast they are just a blur.

Katie at Oakey Hill. Katie, it looks as if your rival will receive the sharp end of your elbow if she doesn't slow down NOW and let you pass!

It will be interesting to see how slowly I can run today when I establish an M60 3000m pb, because I want to be able to keep improving! I don't want to run so fast that I cannot better it later on. Today this should be easy, there seems to be a cold breeze outside, I haven't ventured forth to investigate yet, the wood fire is much more appealing. But on the other hand, nothing will stop me from going as fast as possible under the circumstances, that is my nature.

So don't get in my way today. This is how my aggression is vented, by running it all out in a fast short race. Otherwise there might have been the odd Iguana incident in my life, but no, not in recent decades anyway, all is calm and relaxed and peaceful. Unless and until I am caught up in a serious racing scenario.

Thus it is good to see Katie & others following my example and letting it all out on the race track. Now to go and do likewise. As a start, I will try and slow myself down, until, eventually the race itself begins, then everyone, look out.

[In reality I will be at the back of a field of youngsters & it won't be that competitive for me! Oh well, it made a good story.]

High Noon 3000m speedy-self 11:23.36 year's best by 4 seconds & a good start as an M60; Ken 11:41.51; Katie 11:50.65, life-time pb by 2 seconds (see I told you she was good!), Ewen was either the 12:22.01 or the 12:24.39 in the times list I saw, and Amanda 12:40.69 that's a good time too! In the 800m, Kathy ran 3:00 I think.


  1. I'm too mild to even have an Iguana incident on the track!

    You had a great race Geoff! You caught up to that pack of young girls in a flash. Next time you'll be with them running 10-something!

    12.24.39 for me. I think I actually ran a 'faster' last lap than Catriona - maybe 99 seconds (!) - but she probably played two games of hockey in the morning.

    All good fun - can't wait for the next one!

  2. Great work Speedygeoff. Though with a time like that you aren't making it easy for yourself to improve!

  3. Thanks Tesso. Improve? YES I WILL YES I WILL YES I WILL! (By the power of upper-case thinking).