Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Golden Gooses

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, April 01, 2008 with 9 comments
Monday night training saw the start of our winter pattern, with a return to longer intervals. It seemed strange to still have daylight saving, which finishes 6 April, a week later than it used to; good for us evening people but not so good for the morning people who have to get up before dawn in the cold and get their running in then. Present were Alan, Amanda, Christine G, Emma, Ewen, Gary, Geoff B, me, Joel, Kathy, Kelley, Ken, Mick C, Miranda, Neil, Ruth, and new starter Tony. We ran 3 x 950m with a 950m jog in between. Ewen and I started early at 4:30pm as usual and I totalled 17k.

The High Noon Meets have been announced; there will be track meets every three weeks during winter; I am going to recommend to members of our speedygeese training group that we target either a series of 3ks or a series of 5ks, as at each meet there will be a 3k/5k combo on offer. There will also be shorter races for those who are middle-distance-oriented. I do like the idea of trying a 5k every three weeks as it is a good measure of fitness without any real risk of compromising on-going training. A good idea is to use these races as time-trials as part of your training program.
WHERE: AIS Athletics Field, Bruce
WHEN: Sundays at 12:00, every 3 weeks: 25 May, 15 June, 6 July, 27 July, 17 August, 7 September, 28 September
WHAT: At least two sprints, one middle distance, and one long distance (3k/5k) event each time COST: $5

Marathon pain from the '70s

yes 'tis I

Changes to this website are in the pipeline. There is to be a name change from "SpeedyGeoff's School of Running" to "The Golden Goose", to coincide with the release of new training group T-shirts. The changes will mean you will have to update your links to this website, but otherwise you won't notice any difference. At the same time, because I am so snowed under, I am delegating administration of the website to a friend, Lil Faropo, and will email her my daily posts. The change will be made at the end of this month, on 31 April.

Meanwhile, enjoy the day!


  1. very clever SG...I wonder how many people you caught?!

  2. Great photo Speedygeoff. You really look fit! In fact with that singlet and only a moustache you look a bit like "Freddy Mercury."

  3. Ha ha ha!!! And you haven't changed a bit, apart from having a shave!

  4. What do you mean, A/R? Caught at the end of a marathon?
    Just call me Freddy.
    Greyest goose, you haven't changed a bit either. Or if you have, it's the same bit as me.[I can hear a distant scornful echo: "I doubt it". So no need to reply!]

  5. No Scott, he looks more like a younger version of the "Renaissance Man".

  6. I still consider myself an honourary speedy goose, even if my wings are clipped at the moment and I'm just limping along.

    But, do I really have to wait until the 31st of April for the Golden Geese?? I don't think I can last that long!

  7. Clipped goose (aka Rare Elk acronym)(also Canary, or Mr Leek) : yes you know me, I am very date aware, of course I won't rename us the golden geese until my desk calendar flips over to 31 April. Earmark lone cry!

  8. "Thirty Days hath September /
    April, May and November /
    all the rest hath thirty one /
    (excepting April which in a leap year also has thirty one to allow February to stay relaxed and comfortable)"

  9. You may "creak early morn" but you're sharp tonight!