Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 with 7 comments
I seem to have recovered instantly from three long races in four days, woohoo! I think the cross country race in humidity on very soft ground cured me woohoo!

10k start woohoo!

10k over, with lap scorer woohoo!

10k still over woohoo!

cross country over woohoo!

cross country still over woohoo!

cross country M55 silver medal presentation woohoo!

cross country M55 place-getters woohoo!

Here's a photo of a couple of happy speedygeese with their silver medals after the cross country woohoo!

Click on any photo to see the large version. All photos by speedyJenny.


  1. Congratulations Geoff. What a great result. You gotta be happy with that. You are all set to blitz the field in the Marathon.

  2. With that recovery power you would be a perfect candidate for the Warwick Pentath-run - 5 races in 2 days adding up to 42.2k.

    PS Woohoo!

  3. Marathon - don't really care now! Warwick -looks like fun! I reckon I can handle anything now! Will I add it to my calendar in 08? Or even in 09? When's it on? Ah but wait, isn't there a hill? Woohoo!

  4. Yes, but there's also a street mile (or is it a 1500?) - Woohoo!

    Hey Spody, didn't you tell me you didn't care about the marathon, as long as you finished ahead of Rob and Tesso?

  5. I am sure I didn't say anything like that. What I said was, I wanted to finish well ahead of Rob, and just behind Tesso. I'm pretty sure that's what I said. Woohoo!

  6. Absolutely fantastic and great piccies too - WOO HOO!

  7. Great pictures - Congrats on your races!!