Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Retail therapy

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, March 04, 2008 with 7 comments
Maria's New Car

We are all so jealous!

Last night at Parliament House saw Gary, Christine G, Emma, Ruth, Miranda, Tim, Ewen, Rachelle, Helen, David W, Al, Alan, Katie, Ken, Geoff B, me, Bronwyn, Neil, Jodie, Christopher, Kathy S, Cathy M, Kirrilee, Mick C, Yelena, Joel, Maria, Peter and Mick H enjoy 12 40 second efforts with a substantial rest, not to mention a substantial cool-down. What a perfect night for a run! And Michael R came along just to get his name ticked off the roll. It was Miranda and Kirrilee (spelling?) 's first run at Parliament House.

I have a new computer and a new camera (I haven't had a real camera before). Think I will wait a few more years for a new car. Maria's looks good , though.

It's the newest new car smell I can remember, too, must be hot off the production line.

Grrrr. Still jealous.

Today I ran 12k+ not slow with Rachelle including hills, then 11k+ not slow with Charlie, on the same hills. That's a work-out! I am in danger of getting fit if I keep doing that. I did suggest I should speed up on my longer runs, didn't I?


  1. I do not care what anyone says, that is a nice car. I assume it is a masda 3.

  2. It's very green. A Mazda 2. Keep the Commodore Geoff - it has a better westie look about it.

    I noticed our warm-up run yesterday was a not slow 5:35/km. So, was Rachelle/Charlie not not slow, or not not not slow?

  3. Not in alphabetical order tonight I notice??
    I love Maria's car - it's such a stunning colour and is just so cool - very Maria!

  4. You see I had to remember who was there as I didn't have my roll. I still don't have it, I had no computer Monday and I am still setting up the new one, so the list was not alphabetical and I was bound to forget someone, even Griffin...

    Not "not not not slow".

  5. Nice Green. How come the wheels are spinning with no-one in the drivers seat.

  6. Looks like it's left-hand drive! I didn't know Maria was cacky handed.

    If 'not slow' is faster than our early warm-up pace on Monday, I'd call it 'sufficiently fast'.

  7. It is an Adzam 2, and the photo is back to front.