Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Real Ron Clarke Story.

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There is a tv movie called "The Ron Clarke Story" and it's the wrong Ron Clarke! Ron Clarke is one of my heroes.

They called him a failure- and he was the best of the best

The Ron Clarke story illustrates why you should take no notice of others’ remarks – especially if the others are media, officials, or bureaucrats.

Read all about it at Absolutely amazing!

Wikipedia gives some of his running history:
“During a 44-day European tour in 1965, he competed 18 times and broke 12 world records, including the 20,000 m (just short of a half-marathon). He lowered his own 10,000 m world record by 39 seconds to become the first man to break the 28 minute barrier, running a 27:39.4.
"To win against a field of kickers, Clarke needed a fast pace throughout or a sustained surge at the end. He improved his 2-mile speed in 1967 and 1968, lowering Jazy's world record by 3 seconds, running an 8:19.8 and then an 8:19.6."

“I loved testing myself more than I feared being beaten.” - Ron Clarke.

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  1. This actually was a good movie. What a great teacher to tolerate that! I recognise some student behaviours too.