Sunday, 9 March 2008

Head versus Heart

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, March 09, 2008 with 4 comments
"I'm a war of head versus heart
"And it's always this way
"My head is weak, my heart always speaks
"Before I know what it will say"
-from "Crooked Teeth", by Death Cab For Cutie, from the album "Plans"

My head says don't train both for the marathon and for track simultaneously, my heart says go for it, do both. So I find myself running a fast-tempo-but-not-race-pace half marathon today. At this time of the season the training needed to accomplish both goals diverges and the tension between the two sets of goals starts to tell. I know I should be easing back so that my track races, the few that are left, are as fast as possible, while at the same time I know I should be extending the length and pace of my long runs so that future half marathons and marathons are completed in the best possible time. Today's compromise is almost a capitulation to what feels easiest, and to the tired thought that all this training will help next season, when I should be biting the bullet and trying to do my best NOW. A plan which makes sense just for the marathon or just for track is not possible while the other is also part of the plan.

Next season then, which will win, the heart again, or the head?

By the way, in today's half marathon I ran most of the way with Charlie and crossed the line with her, at an average km rate of about 4.50, which is a reasonable rehearsal for a 4:30 per km shot at the marathon. And it was a "dress" rehearsal, the Free 7.0s were fine on the bitumen.

Now if I don't recover in time for Thursday's 5k track club championship, (or if I do), I will have learned a little more about what I am capable of. So for the first time since early December the plan is - three easy days, then a flat out race.

With Hearts As One

I have ordered this album - just released this weekend - the first "I-HEART PROJECT" album by United.


  1. I dream of running that pace for the HM!

    bring on the 5000m...

  2. Will no-one comment on my deliberate misspelling?

  3. Uh? You mean "hearts says go for it"? Or "Charlie" instead of "Charlotte"?

    After your BBQ result, 3 easy days should see something on the faster side of 19 minutes.

    My heart says run the track seriously and keep the long runs at 2 hours or less - that still gives you the possibility of a reasonable marathon. Short distance speed makes marathon pace feel easy.

  4. OK I have amended two typos, bite and heart, but Charlie is not a typo. If you don't know what the true alternative is, I 'aint giving it away, no way.