Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday but could be better.

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, March 21, 2008 with 3 comments
The Real Easter story involves Jesus' suffering and death on Good Friday, then rising from the dead on Easter Sunday. I am not planning to parallel that story as I race a 10k on Friday morning and a 5k on Sunday morning! But suffering, yes I am going for it, it will be make and/or break!

I could do anything from running a great sub 40 and getting amongst the medals, through to finding my small niggles turn into larger niggles and I dnf, or even worse, dns!

Let's make a prediction then. This is how I will go in the M55 age group:

Friday I run 4th in the 10k in 40:00.05. In the pouring rain. Third place laps me.
Sunday no big resurrection for me! I run 6th in the 5k in 20:20. First three break 19 minutes.
Monday in the Cross Country I jog it and still run 8th.

My Real Easter Story will be revealed by Tuesday. The above is a prediction.


  1. 00:41.60 off on Friday...

  2. Friday: forgot to mention spot on with placing prediction!

    Sunday: 4th in 19:25.87 (out by 1place & 0:54.13!), only first two broke 19mins

  3. yes, the first 2 broke 19 minutes but third in the M55s ran 19:19 and fourth 19:20. I should have finished in front of them except my hammy seized in the second last lap which I ran in 100 secs! I will write everything up soon!

    And I was WAY out in the cross country!!! Not 8th, silver!!