Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Canberra's Birthday

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 with 6 comments
First of all
Fantastic job done by Mick Corlis and Vince Craig in getting the Weston Creek Half Marathon results up so quickly, then fixing up the myriad of little anomalies in a day flat. That's awesome! I have updated yesterday's post with the corrected individual and team results (times and places) and would like to highlight the fact that speedygeese teams were first (an FFM team, well ahead) and third (the first FF team). Great work, everybody. Let's support this excellent event in 2009, even when they revert to the usual course!

Thursday Night's Track Program
6.00 800m Walk
6.15 2000m Turkey Handicap
6.30 100m
6.45 4 x 800m Relay
7.00 200m
7.15 5000m Championships
7.45 Track & Field Presentations

We turn 95
Today was part of Canberra's 95 year celebrations (yes interstate/international reader, we are a young city). At the Canberran of the Year award presentations, both my wife and her mother, along with a handful of other long term residents who have made contributions to this great city, received special awards from the Chief Minister.

And I got a chance to try my new camera (if the photos came out, it's a good camera!)

C. E. May Lowes and Jennifer Anne Moore with their awards.

Angelo Cataldo's mum and dad at the presentations. Guiseppe Cataldo receiving his award from the Deputy Chief Minister was a feature of the event. My first day ever as a photographer not so great a highlight.


  1. Congrats to Mrs Speedygeoff and her mum. They must've seen Canberra grow so much.

    You must all be bracing yourselves for a big party in 2013.

  2. I will be here in 2013 for the party. And today the new Canberran of the Year said he was organising it. So it will be a ripper.

    The 2013 party will be for all Australians, not just the locals. After all, this is your capital, you should all be proud of it. I am. Come on down!

    May has been here 63 years; Jenny 60, and me 40. Yes it has grown and changed incredibly in that time.

  3. Wow! Congrats Mrs Spodychoff, and Mrs Spodychoff's mum.

    Exposure is good. Looks like you're tilting to the left in the top one - too many Boags? Bottom one caught the moment perfectly.

    Only 20-odd years for me - definitely not a local.

  4. Congratulations Jenny and mum on your well-deserved awards and speedychief too for your great photography skills - that's a lot of years to live in one place! You would all see so many changes. I now realise I've lived here 27 years - that's longer than Ewen. Have I lost my kiwi accent yet?

  5. Strewthy, to see if you have lost your kiwi accent, try saying "six slick chicks slipped quickly aling the six fit trick".
    Ewen's 20 odd years may have been in addition to 20 ordinary years?
    I managed a great ~19:31 in the heat tonight, despite feeling terrible warming up. And passed Burky three times in the last three laps! (He passed me twice!)

  6. Now it makes sense! Strewth means "six foot track" every time she says "sux fut truck".