Thursday, 6 March 2008

Brother for Tessa

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, March 06, 2008 with 6 comments
If we have an Amelie, why not a Korben?

We have a new nephew Korben, who took about five days to arrive! Born this morning, a brother for Tessa, parents Bruce and Trina. Korben is an unusual name? The origin would have to be the character played by Bruce Willis in "The Fifth Element". In that case, it is a good name!

Add Tessa and Korben to our ten grandchildren, and you get twelve little people of that generation in our family.

My granddaughter Amelie, whose mother has a new cousin... that makes Amelie and Korben .... related .... (not "second cousins" .... what would you call it?)

[Edit - "First cousins once removed"]


  1. I think the spelling may be unique.
    There are a few Corbin's around.

  2. There may be a few Corbins as you say. I would guess "Corbin" is a surname borrowed to make a Christian name, as is a bit of a trend these days. Our "Korben" on the other hand is the only true Korben I know of. Ignoring "stage names", that is.

  3. I immediately thought of Corbin Bernsen from LA Law.

    PS Trivia ... I just wiki'd Corbin Bernsen and he has one of the largest snow cone collections in the world (over 6500).

  4. I meant snow globes! Imagine 6500 snow cones - holy belly ache!

  5. Same here, although I never watched LA Law. Maybe they just changed one letter to make it unique - like Kelley.

    5 days! And I thought a 7-hour bush run was a test of endurance.

  6. It's "Tessa" that's one letter different. "Korben" is two. And no, Korben is the Fifth Element spelling, as I said.

    You are dead right in one thing, Kelley is unique.