Thursday, 31 May 2007

running hot

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, May 31, 2007 with 5 comments
Last night's minimum here in Brisbane was 17.7 degrees. But it was more than that inside, it was a one-sheet-no-blankets night. Winter starts tomorrow. I see the cold and wild and wintry weather has hit Canberra. Some rain there would be good. Here too, it is still very dry. I will jog up at Redcliffe today, maybe, just for a change.
Sunday's half marathon may be a little warm, at this rate. Some of my coolrunning peers are still considering whether to start on Sunday, so it may just turn into an old crocs' two hour jog for all of us. But let's hope I feel OK by the time the gun goes off.


  1. Weather - it is all relative. I have been enjoying the cooler change we have had here in Brisbane over the last couple of weeks but agree you could hardly call it winter.

  2. I thought it was sort of coolish last night :) Like RS I'm enjoying this nice running weather.

    See ya out there on Sunday. I'm about to go online and enter.

  3. It must have been BOILING two weeks ago!

  4. The gun going off will make you feel OK.

    If it's cold on Sunday, ask Robert Song if you can borrow one of the jumpers I gave him.

    Off for my run now - about 9C outside now, so not too bad.

  5. Well, it is now Saturday, it is 20 degrees here in Bracken Ridge, and it is raining lightly. Real rain with extensive grey clouds, not just a 5 minute dump. That's much better!