Sunday, 13 May 2007

half good half marathon

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, May 13, 2007 with 7 comments
What was really good was the pace I ran with to the half marathon mark today. What was even better was - that was the finish line! So my raft of excuses can be shelved for another time. I ran about 88.50. More goals achieved! This will be a GOOD year! The time beats my M50 and M55 pbs, in fact is my fastest since May 1994 when I had just turned 46. And now I'm 59. I will publish official results when they come out - there were many very good times run by the geese and goslings.

But First Saturday's 5k results: (approximate) Katie 20.38, Sonia 21.09, Amanda 21.23, Trevor 22.23, Ewen 22.33, Neil 22.49, Thea 23.52.

And Reversing the reverse chauvinism of yesterday

Hazardous materials data sheet - click to enlarge


  1. Congratulations Geoff. Excellent run.

  2. Fantastic Geoff! You looked to be working hard out there.

    Perhaps I'll wait until 59 before attempting to break my M45 PBs.

    The trouble with the Hazardous Materials Data Sheet, is that it's accurate. Especially 'Boils at absolutely nothing - freezes for no apparent reason'. Of course, I only know that from watching Big Brother.

  3. Terriffic Speedygeoff!

    I'm almost 43 and that time of yours is the same as my PB for the half done last year. Of course that takes heart but your training methods must be good too.

    Impressive stuff.

  4. Hah! I knew you could do it :o) Great run from an old goose!!

  5. Woohoo! Huuuuge congrats Speedygeoff.

    That's just such a great achievement. Gotta love seeing the hard work pay off. Can't wait to see what the remainder of the year brings.

  6. Thanks for your kind words everybody. The year is bringing a more serious attempt at a better time in three weeks at Doomben, on a much faster course than the Canberra one. I will have to think carefully how fast I will try, having gone "very fast" this time and not slowed down much. Hopefully my cold will have cleared up by then, and the butt pain subsided too. I might start at 4:00 per km, if only because the maths is easy.

  7. Congratulations Geoff. I ate your dust at Doomben last year, and considering I have never broken 90, will be doing so this year again. The Half certainly seems to suit you well.