Saturday, 24 March 2007

prolonging the life of the geese

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, March 24, 2007 with 5 comments
Quote of the day: "An election is coming. Universal peace is declared and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry" - T. S. Eliot

Thursday's track results
M45 Colin Farlow 10:16
M45 Richard Faulks 11:13
M50 Geoff Sims 13:06
W35 Amanda Walker 12:27
W50 Kathy Southgate 10:45 88.9%
W55 Kathy Sims 13:03

allrounder was delighted to run a pb of 13:32. Will she be the next big improver to break through the 13 minute barrier?

Pennington 1500m
1 Kevin Chamberlain M60 5:05
2 Mick Horan M45 4:41
3 Amalendu Edelsten M45 4:43
4 Ken White M50 5:02
7 Tony Booth M65 5:58
14 Neil Boden M55 6:07
17 Roger "6 foot" Pilkington M45 6:52

spiral 8
4 Kathy Sims W55 15:03
6 Geoff Barker M60 17:06
8 Kathy Southgate W50 13:33
11 Katie Forestier W40 13:37
12 Ken White M50 13:38
14 Kevin Chamberlain M60 14:32
16 Neil Boden M55 14:49
24 Amalendu Edelsten M45 12:22
27 Tony Booth M65 18:16
30 Roger Pilkington M45 16:02

Things I (re)learned today:
1. Don't wear new shoes in a 32km run
2. Don't assume that, just because you can run 24k at 5min per k comfortably, you can therefore run 32k at 4:30 per k comfortably.
3. You really should carbo load for runs that take more than two hours, even if they are "only" tempo runs.

I went through 21k comfortably in 97 mins, but was walking by 26k.


  1. Wow - sounds like a tough run Geoff. At least you've (re)learned some lessons before the marathon.

    I'm still impressed by Kathy's 3k. I wonder what that's worth as a 30-year-old? 9:30 maybe?

  2. Well done Geoff, Maria, Helen and Charlie on making 32km - makes my mind boggle, makes my feet ache a bit too.....

    Kathy is a Champ - not only did she run an awesome 3km and 400m, then she ran the Adler encouraging everyone along the way - she tried to chat to me but I couldn't speak - gave her the thumbs up though :o)

    Ready for the 5000m on Thursday ET?

  3. ET is desperate to run 20.49 in the 5000. He has only a month left as an M45 and the chance to claim boasting rights over his long time arch (now virtual) rival.

    Perhaps you could be his pacemaker Speedy Goose.

  4. Sadly wannabe, I can't run 20:49. That's much too fast right now for a soon to be old fella. Perhaps next season.

    22 would be good Speedy Goose. You only have to run 1:45 per lap. Though don't expect me to talk at that frantic pace.

  5. The Good News is that I CAN run 20:49 and I would be happy to pace you for that ET, but I wouldn't be able to talk - however I would be really happy to be your 'Pacemaker' for 22:00 as we discussed - don't know that I can talk at that pace either!!!

    Go the Geese in the marathon - you are all making my feet sore :o)