Friday, 2 March 2007


Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, March 02, 2007 with 4 comments
Hey today I thought I would include a few interesting links so you can waste, sorry, invest time browsing yet more websites.

Canberra Marathon entrants - entries close soon.

A man with real style! Millionaire winner - watch the movie, it's great.

Running news, from the elite down to the six foot trackers and everything in between. - I read it most weeks.

Athletics at the Australasian Masters in October - I have already entered.

Just one of hundreds of running bloggers - but wait there's more.

The world’s most boring blog - do you know writers like this?

Joan Nesbit Mabe - she writes well!

Athletics around the world - revamped and good value

There that should keep everyone happy for today. If not, there are a few more links on my sidebar.


  1. Is the changed format faster? It may not be. A couple of bugs to fix too.

  2. My PC is so slow, I wouldn't be much of a judge.

    Great 'Millionaire' clip by the way :-) For a minute there I thought his dad might have been an ex president.

  3. Thanks SG

    Those links are cool. My computers fast but I can't tell and difference in speed from ther last format.

  4. whoops, I meant to write Children of Heaven (iranian film) not "nature."