Saturday, 7 October 2006

where shall I wander?

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, October 07, 2006 with 2 comments
.. up hill and down dale and into the Barossa Valley.

We visited some wineries today, surprisingly little traffic on a lovely breezy 28 degree Saturday in Adelaide. We ended up with some great bargains! Everything seems to be on special here. None of the wineries we visited had we seen before, although we have dropped in occasionally to others in the past. Chateau Barrosa (note spelling) was irresistible with incredible extensive Rose Gardens complete with ponds and seven geese; plus motel, swimming pool, restaurant, antique museum and bargain basement cellar door meant we will be back there again next time! We restricted ourselves to a dozen mixed reds and some orange liqueur; next time the turkish delight version may win us over but they all looked good! Around the corner Yaldara Estate (of McGuigan wines, our favourite reds) meant more purchases, where we rested by a lake and I am obliged to mention another friendly goose who came up and made our acquaintance.

Tomorrow is the Melbourne marathon - good luck to Pam and Richard - I hope to hear a report of what the course was like in case I decide to run it in '08 or '09. I think though, a marathon any later than August is risking fate with the weather.

Go goose go gander.


  1. All those geese seem to be following you!

  2. What about the Gosling?

    Jarod sounds like a natural!