Thursday, 5 October 2006


Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, October 05, 2006 with 4 comments
Seen in Adelaide: A North Adelaide restaurant called "The Greedy Goose".

Towards sub 20: Let's have a group of us aiming for sub 20 this season for 5k.

A 12:00 for 3k is equivalent in effort to a 20:25.

11:45 for 3k is equivalent in effort to a 20:00

so first let's break 12:00 for 3k
then let's break 11:50 for 3k
then let's break 20:00 for 5k.

Are you in?

A group of us having a go, together in the same race, possibly with a pacer, brings a better chance of success than each of us going it alone.

Weather: Yesterday it was officially 38 degrees here in Elizabeth. But mid afternoon, the temperature dropped from 38 to 16 in about ten minutes flat. No dramas no gales not even any rain; just a simple shift from a northerly wind to a southerly.


  1. I hereby nominate Aki as being more than capable of this! Dobbed in!

  2. Yes, but Aki's not old enough for Vets. I think there are two combined Vet/Open meets this season... or there's always Interclub ;)

    I'd like to try for a sub-12 3k, but first I have to break 6 minutes for 1500m.

  3. I would be just as willing to have a go at this at interclub occasionally as well as at Vets occasionally. As long as others were in it.
    Is it possible to pick a race every now and then that "everyone" will run in?
    A reason for suggesting this is, there are too many races, which makes for spreading our talents too thin.
    Let's see some good competition and/or teamwork.
    Sometimes runners avoid each other. Let's do the opposite!

  4. I would be willing to pace a group at Interclub. When would you be looking at having a go at 12 min?
    I'm hoping to have a serious go at the W50 record for the 3k this Sunday. I want to have one more serious go at the 3k before Christmas but otherwise am happy to pace a 3k sometime too. I would be happy to help anyone.